Partner Compliance

Blackbull Partners Partner Compliance

Please Ensure You Have Familiarised Yourself With Our Guidelines Before You Get Started.

Here are some of the highlights:


Do not bid on the BlackBull Markets brands. Do not use the BlackBull Markets brand names for SEM or PPC marketing in any way; including but not limited to the words “BlackBull” spelt in any possible way


For partners operating email marketing campaigns, there are some additional requirements we need to check to ensure that relevant spam laws are being adhered to.

Domain Ownership

If Whois Data is set to private for your website, we may require you to verify domain ownership. This can be done by providing your account manager with a domain ownership certificate.

Restricted Industries

Product suitability is an important part of maintaining a high-quality brand image. As such there are some industries where it doesn’t make sense for our brand to be promoted to potential clients.

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