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Money Expo Mexico City

We are thrilled to announce that BlackBull Markets is attending the Money Expo event in Mexico City. It is a fantastic opportunity to connect with our friendly staff, get answers to any questions you may have, or simply have a pleasant chat in person with us.

Money Expo Mexico City

What is Money Expo?

Taking place on the 24th and 25th of May 2023 in Mexico City at the Centro CitiBanamex, it is a premier event that brings together traders, IBs, brokers, financial institutions, and affiliates from the trading and investor community to network, build relationships and stay informed on current market trends and financial insights.

About BlackBull Markets

We are an award-winning New Zealand-based Broker that provides institutional-grade trading conditions and exceptional customer service and support. BlackBull Partners has introduced a revolutionary industry-leading payment structure to reward our valued innovative partners and flexibly designed to meet their needs.

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It is an ideal opportunity to interact in person with our team, customize deals according to your needs and explain all the benefits the program and company offer. Also, we have a special sign-up bonus of USD 500 after referring 5 qualified clients for those who register during the event. We are eager to meet our Partners in person, so don’t miss this chance and book your spot straight away!

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