Introducing Brokers Overview

Blackbull Partners Introducing Brokers Overview

Unlock Earnings And Partnership Opportunities With Our Introducing Brokers Program

The Introducing Brokers Program is an important part of our business. It allows our clients to become our business partners and earn an income from their networking and teamwork efforts.

Our Program setup is easy to start and has a highly competitive, volume-based rebate structure. This, along with being a New Zealand-based, multi-regulated foreign exchange broker, makes BlackBull Markets ideal for introducers both big and small.

The IB Program is perfect if you have an FX content website, forum, or a group of traders that you would like to help get set up with BlackBull markets. Most IBs can earn a steady income stream by introducing or referring just a handful of clients a month to BlackBull Markets.

Key Features Of Our IB Program

A Professional Introducing Broker has the added benefit of applying spread and commission mark-ups to earn additional revenue from their clients’ trading activity. Furthermore, a custom IB solution with multiple IB tier levels is available to interested clients to better manage any rebate or earnings more efficiently and effectively.

Eligible Professional Introducing Brokers include:

Licensed Investment Advisors

EA Vendors/Developers

Money Managers

Website owners

Trading Educators

Hosting sub-IB

No limits on the number of referred accounts or trading volumes.

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