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Blackbull Partners Tied Agent

Understanding Tied Agents And Their Role In Investment Services

Technically, a tied agent is a firm that has a responsibility to one conforming investment firm, for whom it acts on behalf of as it promotes investment services, provides the service of either receiving and transmitting trading orders, placing financial instruments or providing investment advice. The key difference from a traditional introducing broker here is the undertaking of regulated activities usually only provided by a broker. In this regard, it is a step between an Introducing Broker and a White Label.

In other regions of the world this relationship functions under various titles such as Authorised Representative as they would be referred to in Australia.

Here Are Some Of The Services Offered By Tied Agents:

BlackBull Partners pays commissions to its tied agents who refer clients to the company. The first step towards becoming a tied agent is getting started as an introducing broker. Successful introducing brokers with a stable track record will have the opportunity to discuss this option.

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