General FAQ

BlackBull Markets is an Award-winning New Zealand-based Broker that provides institutional-grade trading conditions and exceptional customer service and support.
BlackBull Partners is an industry-leading partner referral program in the multi-asset investments sector, and the partner referral program of the multi-asset broker, BlackBull Markets.
No, there are no fees to join BlackBull Partners. Signing up to become an affiliate or an IB with BlackBull Partners is fast, easy, and absolutely free of charge.

While having your own website is one way to promote BlackBull Markets, it is not the only way. We provide a selection of advertising material for you to promote through whichever online or even offline channel you choose for your business, based on the partner account type you have.

BlackBull Markets has clients across the globe but there are some countries we do not accept retail traders from depending on the types of products or services they are looking for. As part of our global outreach, it is also our responsibility to ensure our services are used transparently and responsibly. As such, BlackBull Markets reserves the right to decide whether to accept or deny any client application. All applications will be considered by our Compliance team, and further information may be requested from applicants in order to approve an application. BlackBull Markets will not accept clients:
  • From OFAC-sanctioned countries
  • From the United States of America (USA)
  • From any other country or location deemed too risky by our Compliance team

Having your personal details kept up to date is paramount for payment purposes. Please email support@blackbull.com whenever you need to make a change.

Your method of promoting BlackBull Markets is entirely up to you and should fit in with your overall Forex affiliate business. We provide a selection of marketing materials and guidelines on our website to get you started.

We have some simple guidelines to follow, outside of this please speak with our team if you are unsure:
  • avoid making promises of unreasonable profits.
  • never give direct trading advice unless you are licensed to do so.
  • don’t impersonate BlackBull Markets or make any changes to our branding unless they have been approved by our marketing team first.
  • please ensure any information about our products or services is accurate and up to date, and
  • please do not mislead or misrepresent any information provided to people.
Please speak to your Account Manager if you’re unsure and have a look at our Guidelines for full details.

The BlackBull Partners program is designed to reward honest and genuine referrals. We reserve the right to void/withhold commission entitlements and terminate membership to our Partners Program if affiliates fail to comply with all lawful directions given through BlackBull representatives or authorised representatives.

Affiliates must carry out the specified financial services honestly, professionally and with due care and skill, acting honestly and fairly in their dealings. BlackBull Markets may, at its absolute discretion terminate any affiliate agreement if members are found to be abusing or taking unfair advantage of the program in any manner such as arbitrage or other exploits. Please speak to one of our friendly support team members for further information.

Partners FAQ

An Affiliate is a type of marketing program where a person or business refers other people to BlackBull Markets in return for a cost per acquisition (CPA) financial reward.

Once you have decided that you’d like to sign up as a partner, simply head to the BlackBull Partner application form and fill out your details. Your account will be reviewed, then we’ll contact you via email with confirmation and give you access to our affiliate portal where you’ll find all of the tracking and marketing tools.

Our CPA affiliate payout rates are tiered depending on which country you refer clients from. Please refer to the Payments page for full details on our CPA rates.

Yes, BlackBull Partner offers a state-of-the-art tracking platform. When you’ve signed up as an affiliate, you will receive a unique tracking link that you can start using straight away to refer clients. You will then be able to see a detailed list of your referrals and their progression as traders.

Yes, once you’ve logged into our affiliate portal, you’ll have full access to detailed reporting tools to analyse your current account activity and pending client list.

You can simply set up your own personal alerts when any particular goals are completed. When a specific set of rules is met, such as a conversion, you will receive a notification.

All of our payments are processed on the fifteenth business day of the month on request. You are then able to withdraw your commissions from your account.

A CPA payment is triggered when our conditions are met. These conditions include country, FX volume traded, and the number of accounts referred per month. Please see our CPA tiers on the Payments page for full details.

After logging into the partner portal click through to the Marketing Tools section of the site and apply the filters of your choice. We offer a large range of promotional materials, helping you to target different languages and regions.

The minimum withdrawal amount for CPA affiliates is US$500 USD. If your balance is less than the minimum withdrawal amount for the month, it will be rolled over to the following month.

You are free to use your own promotional material, as long as you adhere to our simple list of marketing guidelines that should be adhered to when promoting your business alongside BlackBull Markets, including not making promises of unreasonable profits, never impersonating BlackBull Markets directly and giving unlicensed trading advice. Please speak to your Account Manager for approval of your own material and have a look at our Guidelines for full details.

Your affiliate tracking link can be found in the affiliate portal, under the marketing tools section.

Yes, you are able to refer other affiliates that will sit underneath you and allow you to earn further commissions. Please speak to your account manager about setting up a tailored relationship to suit your own personal business needs.

Once your account has been approved you will be able to log into the Partners Tracking Platform straight away using Single Sign-On. You just need to be logged into your account on the Secure Client Area. The login link can be found at the top right hand side of the Partners website or in the Partners Tab in the Secure Client Area.

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