Marketing Guidelines

Blackbull Partners- Marketing Guidelines

How Can I Promote Blackbull Markets?

Please follow these guidelines when promoting BlackBull Markets.

You can promote BlackBull Markets on your website using the banners and tools which are available inside the affiliate portal. Permission is granted to make use of any material you find there only. Any other materials you would like to advertise with requires express prior approval from BlackBull Markets. You can place the authorised marketing materials that contain your referral links on:

  • Your own official websites or blogs you are active in
  • Other websites or forums where you have approval from the site administrators to promote third-party advertisements
  • In other personal electronic communications (unsolicited emails and bulk email blasts of any kind are strictly prohibited). Recipients must specifically opt-in to receive communications and have an opt-out option available.

Under no circumstance should BlackBull Markets be promoted as:

  • Work From Home
  • Making Easy/Sure Money
  • High Yield Investment Product

We take extreme precautions to make sure that our internal marketing team, as well as our affiliates, emphasise the high risk involved in trading including forex, CFDs, commodities and cryptocurrency trading, and do not publish any false advertisements.

Yes, provide a balanced view of a product and don’t over-emphasise the benefits of an investment without weighing up the risks. No open-ended promise about the benefit of trading or definitive statements about possible returns. Here are some simple criteria for risk:
  • All marketing material must contain a sufficiently prominent risk warning/disclaimer that’s consistent with the rest of the advertisement.
  • No statements that are false or misleading and are likely to induce a person to apply for an account. If any content is referring to past performance, please include the statement “Past performance does not guarantee future performance.”
  • No conduct that is misleading or deceptive such as a disproportionate prominence of benefits over risk. Do not make unreasonable promises about profits if they can’t be validated.
Neither we nor our partners are licensed to give trading advice. While you may give updates on what the markets are doing, never tell a client what to trade and in which direction and never access a client’s account.
The compared products should have sufficiently similar features to make the comparison relevant and not misleading. When noting the features of a product, the other key features, particularly risks and drawbacks, should be equally visible to the consumer. Any limitations of the comparison should be clearly disclosed, accurate and relevant. Comparisons of benefits and returns should be accurate, balanced, and have a reasonable basis.
Images should be consistent with any qualifying statements. If your material uses images which are associated with success, wealth, safety, or security, this should not distract from any contrasting message about risk.
No. While we encourage you to promote us using our logos, banners, and brand, please don’t use them as part of your property. Do not set up domain names or social networking profiles/pages with the intention to impersonate BlackBull Markets.
You cannot create, sell or give away merchandise items, such as pens, pads etc. with the BlackBull Markets logos or trademarks unless you have a written license from us. Unlicensed use of our logos, marks, and slogans is forbidden. If you are interested in obtaining a license to use our marks and logos, contact your account manager or the legal department.
Please consider the likely audience of your advertising material and ensure that the information provided is appropriate for that audience. Do not target people under the age of 18 years as BlackBull Markets is unable to accept minors as customers. Please contact your account manager or our support team for our most current list of restricted countries.
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