How Do Sub-Affiliates Operate ?

The Primary Affiliate And Their Sub-Affiliates Work Together To Promote Our Products And Services.

Primary affiliates receive a commission for the sales generated by their sub-affiliates.

Sub-affiliates are an important part of how BlackBull increases brand reach and sales, and it’s a great way for affiliates to earn additional commission through the recruitment of sub-affiliates.

In the forex industry, sub-affiliates typically promote the services of forex brokers like BlackBull and their trading platforms or the markets they operate in. Here’s an example of how sub-affiliates work in the forex industry:

This Is How Sub-Affiliates Can Help Increase Reach & Visiblity

Sub-affiliates in the forex industry can help increase the reach and visibility of forex brokers and generate additional revenue for both the broker and the primary affiliate through the recruitment of sub-affiliates.

At BlackBull Partners, the standard rate for sub-affiliates is ten per cent. This means that if a sub-affiliate earns $100 for a referral, then the primary affiliate will earn $10 in addition to this.

Start growing your business today by us and referring sub-affiliates today.

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