Brand Usage Guide

Blackbull Partners- Brand Usage Guide



  • Use the minimum spacing requirements on the edges of the logo
  • Use the primary blue logo whenever possible
  • Use the full logo with the bull and text


  • Do not – Separate the bull and the logo text (you must ask for permission to be approved).
  • Do not – Change the logo colours
  • Do not –Distort, wrap or shadow the logo
  • Do not – Manipulate the size between the bull and the logo text
  • Do not – recreate the logo in any way
  • Do not manipulate the relationship between the Wordmark and the Icon
  • Do not outline or create a keyline around the Logo
  • Do not apply a gradient to the Icon or Wordmark
  • Do not change the Logo colour or tone outside those colours specified in the colour section of this guide
  • Do not crop photos or patterns through the Logo
  • Do not rotate the Logo
  • Do not resolve the Logo in two different colours
  • Do not distort or wrap the Logo in any way
  • Do not change the typeface or otherwise recreate the Wordmark.
  • Use only the provided files

Logo Usage

  • The BlackBull Markets logo should always have proper spacing around it.
  • The logo’s container should never touch the edges of its medium (e.g. the edge of a poster).
  • No element should cross over, overlay, or touch either the logo itself or its container.
  • The minimum spacing around the logo should be the height of “B” in the BlackBull wordmark. The space should start either from the edge of the container or from the logo itself when there is no container.
  • For our creatives, the BlackBull logo can be used over an image/photo only if the photo has a black overlay of 40-70% depending on the overall brightness of the photo.
  • Minimum of 40px height of the word and logomark
  • For mobile or creatives that are too small or narrow for our primary logo, we can go ahead and use the badge logo
  • 21px minimum height for the bull logo only

Brand Colors

Primary Colors

BB Blue


rgb(26, 88, 211)

Pantone 2728 C

CMYK (99, 76, 0, 0)

BB Black


rgb(0, 0, 0)

Pantone 6 C

CMYK (75, 68, 67, 90)

BB White


rgb(255, 255, 255)



Secondary Colors

BB BlueH


RGB (33, 105, 251)


CMYK (87 ,58 ,0, 2)

BB Green


RGB (105, 190, 40)


CMYK (43, 0, 77, 26)

BB Grey 50


RGB (111, 111, 111)


CMYK (0, 4, 4, 56)

BB Grey L


RGB (238, 238, 241)


CMYK (2, 3, 0, 4)


Font family

BlackBull Market’s official font is Mont. Please reach out to the marketing team for the download link. This font is licensed to BlackBull Markets and should not be used for any creative outside of the company.

Alternative Font family

For language translations where Mont cannot be used, we use Montserrat and Noto Sans Arabic specifically for Arabic. It would be appreciated if the single-storey “a” instead of the double-storey “a“ is used but not required.


BlackBull’s Official Photos

We have in our library a number of photos available to use for marketing and promotions. We also have photos showing devices with our platforms as the main feature. To access any of these resources, speak with your account manager.

General Photography Standards

Here are some examples of photos to never use with BlackBull branding.

Brand Usage

Proper Brand Tone

Professional, trustworthy, factual, and approachable.

BlackBull Markets leans toward a formal approach, as a young company, we value knowledge, research and an approachable, helpful persona. Intellectual and clear.

Global Social Media Management

BlackBull Markets will only allow partners to have a branded social media page if:

  • You are a country manager or head of country
  • You have invited one of the BlackBull Markets Marketing managers into the page
  • All other pages will be immediately shut down.
  • Affiliates and IB’s can use their own social media to promote BlackBull Markets.
  • Under no circumstances can any branded channels be created without prior written approval.

Examples Of Brand Use

For any custom brand usage, signoff will be required by BlackBull Partners to the BlackBull Markets Marketing department. Here are some examples of brand use.

Please avoid the following:

For any custom brand usage, signoff will be required by BlackBull Partners to the BlackBull Markets Marketing department. Here are some examples of brand use.

If you are unsure about anything, please speak with your account manager or our team and we’d be glad to help you with our brand usage guidelines for your own marketing campaigns.

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