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Marketing Tools

To use BlackBull Partners marketing tools, log into your account and click on “Marketing Tools” from the left-hand side menu or the top menu on your dashboard.

Here you will find thousands of high-quality marketing tools such as:

To use our tools, copy each tool’s code and paste it into your page. Banners will be updated automatically when necessary.

Dynamic Parameters

If you are running more than one lead generation campaign and would like to differentiate between the campaigns that direct to the same landing page, you can easily add a dynamic parameter to any link or marketing tool using the “afp” parameters or a custom tracking code.

From the Marketing Tools section, select the Dynamic Parameters dropdown on the top right-hand side of your screen, click on the parameter you would like to add and enter the text you would like to record. You can additionally add dynamic variables to this parameter which are generated from your own system or site, such as a unique click ID. Your Click URL will automatically be updated with the new information, ready for you to start using.

You will find all of these variables in the Registrations Report as additional properties you can add as separate columns to give you the campaign insights you need to inform your campaign decisions.

Tracking & Reports

To use BlackBull Partners reports, log into your account and click on “Reports” from the left-hand side menu and select the report you would like to view. By default, you’ll have access to a Media Report and a Registrations Report.

These reports are designed to provide you with comprehensive campaign tracking to optimise your referral marketing activities. Keep in mind that Affiliates will not have access to personal details about their referral and will instead only have aggregate details and tracking variables or parameters that are tracked during the referral process.

Pixel Tracking

If you need a lead, registration, FTD or QCPA pixel, please send a test signup link from your system to your account manager or email and our team will assist you with the setup and testing.

Our pixels are server-side by default. If you have dynamic parameters you need to query, please ensure they have been set up in your tracking URL to be passed through to one of the variables in our system and that our team have been informed of this. We use last-click attribution and have a maximum cookie lifespan of 365 days.

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