Blackbull Partners- Widgets

Call to Action Widget

Use relevant prompts to provoke immediate responses from your target audience and increase the effective value of your advertising placements.

Live Market Ticker Widget

Display real-time currency exchange rates and charts to visualise market trends and patterns. This is a high-conversion tool which we build for partners on a case-by-

News Feed Widget

This widget displays real-time news headlines and upcoming economic events and data releases that impact the markets your audience is most interested in.

Trading Calculator Widget

This widget allows visitors to calculate trade values, margin requirements, and other important information related to forex trading with BlackBull Markets.

Signup Form Widget

This widget allows visitors to open an account and get started with BlackBull Markets straight away without having to leave your website.

Broker Review Widget

This widget displays reviews and ratings, about BlackBull Markets. It can help visitors determine the reputation and reliability of BlackBull Markets.

Sentiment Analyser Widget

See the overall attitude or feeling of market participants towards a particular security or market index to provide valuable insights into market trends and

These widgets can help finance affiliates provide valuable information and tools to their visitors and increase the chances of them becoming clients for the Forex broker they are promoting. All these tools can be used to increase conversion rates by making it easy for visitors to take the desired action, providing them with the necessary information and allowing them to understand the reputation of BlackBull Markets.

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